September 19th, 2023
Croke Park, Dublin

Optimising synergies between electricity & heat – what can be done now!

With so much pressure on industry to move away from fossil fuel use, now is the time to harness the opportunity presented by our greatest indigenous resource. Industry can substantially decarbonise with a positive return on investment by converting surplus renewable electricity into heat. In keeping with the Government Climate Action Plan for hybrid delivery of industrial steam, affordable zero carbon heat and integration of additional renewable electricity generation can be achieved through flexible electrification of industrial heat. PARAT technology, with decades of reliable history, can be used to help solve an issue specific to Ireland. Flexible operation of PARAT Electrode Boilers (up to 90tph each) beside existing boilers provides a dual-fuel benefit, improves security and cost. In addition, it reduces dispatch down by introducing new consumption during times of high wind in the most constrained areas. A consequence of this is less need for additional grid infrastructure. It is providing benefit to many stakeholders including wind & solar generation, the transmission & distribution system operators, the government, the regulator and of course industry. High temperature industrial heat applications (up to 85 bar) can be decarbonised now. Industry does not need to wait!

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